Valentine was A+mazing!

You know how my original plan was to take a bus downtown to meet him at his work place?

He texted me that I should go home instead and wait for him. I was elated, and this is not a joke, but I literally skipped from one campus to another because I was too happy! Well obviously I did not expect this. He arrived on the dot, and took me out to dinner!

It was amazing! There were no roses or cliche gifts but being with him, having that literally candlelight dinner, was perfect! The moment we entered the restaurant, he was introducing me to the people there. I was shocked at first because honestly, this kind of American boy, its my first encounter. He was my 10-10. We talked and talked and talked for like two hours. We ate too much for dinner, we were laughing about it the moment we stepped out of the restaurant.

As we walked out of the door, he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him. *smiles* All the small details he had done, it is obvious that he ain't those typical American guy, he is one of those type that needs time to get to know someone before being physical and care for the other half. He is definitely not one to rush into things and then fucks things up. Thats totally admirable. <3

So, we went to get some wine, headed over to my friend's place (whom is currently seeing his best mate too), hung out there for abit. We were inseparable. We talked more. Honestly, we have so much to talk about, the politics and all. I truly enjoy every second spent with him. The best thing about him is there are times when we both need a lil quiet time, and he understands that.

After an hour or so, we left. We were both knackered! But of course, when we actually got home, (my place) we got on to more talking! Can you believe it! and.....

*drum rolls*

We fell asleep holding each other's hands, hugging the whole night. Its been so long since I've done this.



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