Gossip Girl's life = My life

So, I count myself rather fortunate because all the twirly dramas I have in my life are really interesting and exciting! Honestly, the latest thing happening in my life would get you lot all pumped up with the excessive adrenaline rush running through that thin vein of yours!

Latest news!

and I'm in a huge arse dilemma. No joke!

two really hot guys to choose from. and I dont know which one to pick!

Guy A.

I met him last semester. He used to work for my University. We would bump into one another. and he would just stare at me. I ignored that because well, this guy looks like a big time playa. With looks like that, JLO, will crawl on the floor on her knees, in skin tight suit, begging for him to just look at her. His light brown eyes, beautiful features, strong athletic body. In my class now. who says he fancies me. We study together before class. hang out. watch movies. tease one another. playfully.

Guy B.

I met him last Friday night. In a club with his buds. His friend approached my friend and I. He stood afar dancing alone. Thats a bloody decent guy to begin with. Not to mention, he's my SEX GOD. Light blue eyes, blonde hair, really sharp features. I was doing 360 flips all over in my heart, head. My own sex god. So, while his friend danced with my friend. I pulled him to me. We danced. Talked. Had crazy shitloads fun. He took my number. Called me out the next day. Hung out. TAUGHT ME HOW TO DRINK GIN AND TONIC.  (the thing they said about Gin and Tonic tasting like Christmas Tree, its fucking true!) TALKED ALOT. HAD ALOT OF FUN. Absolutely loveeee him. Still as hunky as the first time I met him.

Right now. I need to choose. Fast. Before I dug a deeper grave. I never knew how Guy A really felt until today! He acted completely like my bf. and I, of course, was shocked because I most def wasn't aware we were in that relationship. Then, to make things worse, I felt like I have fallen for Guy B already.

SOOO HELP ME. GUY A. GUY B. GUY A. GUY B. IDK. I think I want GUY B. but GUY A is so sweet too. But Guy B has the most gorgeous eyes ever with a fantastic personality to match mine. On the other hand, Guy A has the fantastic personality that matches mine too.

OHHHHHHH I just wanna cut myself up into two.


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