Doing something out of my Norm.

Well, its Valentines Dayyyyyyy.....! *in a high pitch singing voice* Hallmark Day. A gimmick no one could possibly, well at least the females, ignore. The loveeey gooeey feelings filling the cold winter air in Lowell, every part of the world (as a matter of fact) because everyone LIKE LITERALLY EVERYONE is talking about it! Even the dogs on the street howl about it!

The thing is, its going to be even harder if you have someone you fancy, because on this day, all you could think about is what should I get him/her, maybe I should surprise him/her, etc..

And I most certainly do. Have someone I fancy. And in spite of the fact that I have shit loads on my plate. I can't help but to want to make a lil out of this Love Day. So, Imma take a ride downtown, possibly give him a huge bearish hug with Victoria Secret's sexy chocolates in one of my hand. No dramas, no twisted stories, no insinuations, no beating around the bush. Just a simple get together session. Hoping it turns out alright because I aint a one to do this sorta stuff.

Sweet is just Not my thang. So.... Im just saying.

Don't worry folks, I'm definitely going to be writing about it irrespective of the outcome. (good/bad)

Cheers loves,



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