Wishing a good friend of mine Ave, Happy Bday!

This year is going to be a lil different from the years before as I won't be physically present to be there with you lots on this joyful day! We may not have known each other for the longest time, however, it was love at first sight. :P We have been friends ever since then. 

I must say, in my case, it is hard for me to be this close to someone I just knew. SHOCKING! I know. I may seem the most boisterous person on earth with a full sack of extrovert-ness in me but deep down inside, I am not all that friendly. 

In this post, I want to tell you how much our friendship means to me. I will never ever forget you lot. Sorry that I won't be there this year to celebrate with you. 

So here are some of the memories of us before I left. My birthday gift to you. <3 Let me earn more money so I could get you sth meaningful. ;)

Love you lots. Enjoy the pictures my love. 

*send my love to Cheryl, Jojo, Lauren, Sha and everyone else back home. 

Lots of love. xoxo

Yours truly,

Cabbage patch :P


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