Its so ironic how I could meet and date two guys, 2 CHINESE GUYS, whom are so alike in many ways. They could be the nicest boyfriends in the entire universe, I assure you, but when it comes to handling girls like me, they aint' ready to do so. What do I mean by girls like me?

1) I think it's a total nuisance to be spending 24/7 with the bf.

2) Not being able to have guy friends or hang around them. (considering most of my closies are guys)

3) Having to ask for their permission to everywhere/everything I want to go/do.

4) Being questioned like a goddamn prisoner.

5) I'm a forgiving person, however, having to repeat the same bloody mistake numerous times is just utterly absurd.

6) I will not put my bf my priority. smh.

7) Respect me, and you shall earn mine.

8) Judge me for who I am and you can go lick your own nuts because I dont give two balls.

Anyway, these couple of days have been pretty emotional as the guy I thought would actually put a ring on my finger disappoints me with a total 180 degree change in personality. Not to mention, the fact that my family back home is aware of this relationship makes it all depressing and sadder because subconsciously, the pressure is there.

I had to end it because I ain't wasting no more time on putting up with absurdities like this no more. I am an individual on my own whom demands personal space and respect. If you can't handle a girl like me for the first few weeks, you can never handle me even if you try your very best in the near future.

So I have learnt my lesson. I'm going to recollect myself and love my self more not wanting to depend on others for love. Don't let anyone live your life for you. You live only once. 


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