Opportunity to study in one of the few first Tier University in US!

After 4 months here, I finally scored myself a proper internship on campus working with the Pathway Program that functions to provide a pathway program into entering the a few of the top Universities in United States. This is amazing because being an international student myself I know how tough it is to enter directly into a world class renowned university. Especially if its in the States.

So, I am holding the position of Marketing Assistant and my job scope involves recruiting students from Malaysia, opening the once-extremely-tightly-shut door to these amazing opportunities of better quality education!

In this post, I would want to share with my readers that these opportunities do not come by as often as it seemed it would. Hence, I wish you lovely lovely people could spread around to those who are interested in furthering their studies in the few top Universities in the states, University of Massachusetts Amherst, UMass Lowell, UMass Darthmouth, UMass Boston, Umass Western Kentucky, University of New Hampshire. I, however, is in charge of UMASS Lowell, because I am studying here as well as its a FIRST TIER university in the states which mean it widens your job opportunities in the market!


 Going through me COULD get you a min of 3500USD of scholarships worth being the first 20 to register with me! However, being the first 5 students to register with me you'd get a higher worth of scholarship! 

Please take note that if you register with a Pathway Program, there will be a lower acceptance requirements because we aim to help International students to get the best education here!

Therefore, email me at suyoong_goh@student.uml.edu / suyoong88@gmail.com if you are interested or if you have any enquiries! I would be more than happy to fill you in with the details and being an International student having to enroll in this Navitas Pathway Program myself, there could not possibly be a better person to guide you through this whole new experience in studying in the States! =)

So hurry up, read the ones in RED, places are running out when this gets to the word of the University students. I am giving my readers the PRIORITY to grab hold of this golden chance!

I love you lots! Email me! Studies should not be compromised!



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