two months already!

Its been nearly two months since I've landed in this land of my dreams! In spite of the fact that I may be studying every moment of my effing life, I am totally enjoying it like a boss! I can't wait for Thanksgiving coz I'm heading to the NEW YORK babyyyyyy with my mates ! Close peeps! <3

Not to mention, I'm in such a happy moood because he's such a sweetheart! He;s made me a very happy girl! =D

Anyway, I've never felt so released in my entire life. I get to do what I love to do with no restraints or whatsoever! I love this place! And I dont wanna go back. *grabs hold of the American bar* lol.

People here are amazing. Got myself tonnes of great mates. Love them all. Gotta go back to dyinggg in the arms of my books.

Till next time loves~ <2<2


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