Vaginas of steel

Most of the times I just want to metamorphosis into a bloody vagina that's made out of stainless steel so I could go up to those guys, stare them hard in their eyes and yell at them.

like What The Fuck Do You Want With Me?

My mate and I are just so bloody sick of these guys. You know how some girls are so elated when they receive so much attention from many many many guys.

Fuck no it doesn't actually feel good. Because these attention lasts only for a moment. What I want is something that lasts way way longer that that moment.

What I want is the guy to know what he wants. Say it upfront. Say it like you mean it. Say I want you baby. Only you. I'm so jealous when you get so close with other guys because knowing you ain't mine may cause me to lose hold of you forever.

Or perhaps something along the line.

But the point is, don't toy with us. And hey hey hey, this ruddy goes out to the females too! Don't make use of the guys like they're someone insignificant. Each and everyone of us means something! So if you are not going to be serious about this shit. Don't lead him/her on! Be straightforward with what you want to do.

So goddamn you people! Make up your mind already and don't mess with our heads.

Love ya'll readers out there!



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