Swirl me round and round

The happiest moment when you had your eyes locked onto one another and you know the arousal of feelings floating in the air filling the environment with the glitters of the rows and rows of stars in the milky way.

And the better moment when you have that doubt/queries confirmed. Whoohoo!

Then you guys go out on your first date! And it rocked! Double whamming Whoohoo!

and all you can think of the next morning is him. and the night before.

Like the never ending time of making out on the dance floor.

Like the time this really slow song being played by the deejay, he hugs you tightly and sings it to you.

Like how he swept you off the floor and carried you up a flight of stairs.

Like how you made out in the back of the shuttle bus and other students yelling at you "PDA couplesss!"

Like how he kept kissing your hand over and over again.

Like how he stared at you and complimented that you are beautiful, under the street lamp.

Like how he kisses you good night and hugs you to sleep. His arms over you providing you the feel of protectiveness.

Like how he looks at you in the morning, and kisses you good morning.

Like how he wraps his arms around you to prevent you from tripping from the ridiculous heels.

and the numerous times he apologizes because he feels so bad that you have to wake up so early because of him.

and when he just wait for you to get into your apartment and waves goodbye.

This may sound preposterous. I most absolutely miss all that. and its like a fairy tale come true.



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