I don't get it when girls feel intimidated by other girls. I honestly don't!

That doesn't get better when that girl is one of your best friends. You get so well with her but then ppooof, one day, you find out that she had been making up stories about you, when clearly, it wasn't the truth.

I really don't get it why they have to scoop down to that level to make someone look bad?

And c'mon, not all guys will like you alone. There are different types of guys out there with totally distinctive tastes in girls. So don't bloody take a piss at me when a guy comes to me. I didn't make him come to me. Get this straight. He came to me.

So don't get mad at me.

Sigh. this is just disappointing. Like why can't you be happy and contented with yourself and just leave all shit and attention aside and just hang out with your girls? Really..... Idk.


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