Download Campfire Legends 3: The Last Act Premium Edition Full Version

Past and present merge into one final terrifying chapter in Campfire Legends - The Last Act Premium Edition. Reggie and Ashley are on their way to surprise the campfire girls when a sudden accident strands them deep in the middle of nowhere. As Reggie wakes up from the blackout, she realizes Ashley is gone. The car isn't going anywhere and Reggie's phone is dead; the only sign of life is a small light emanating from a mysterious mansion.  Follow Reggie's search for Ashley whose only logical destination is the dark manor before her. Investigate the halls and their eerie surroundings, looking for clues and helpful items to solve the many complex puzzles located within. Will she find Ashley? Will they catch up with the campfire girls? Will Reggie realize that she is much closer related to the horrors of the mansion than she could have ever imagined? This Premium Edition includes an additional Stillwater play mode, a comprehensive Strategy Guide, a chilling Screensaver, creepy Concept Art, and more.


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