What would you do?

Say one day, you return from work late at night because there were some paperwork you have to get to urgently for tomorrow's meeting. Apparently, this meeting is a stepping stone to your 3000 dollars raise. So anyway, you parked your car in the porch. You open the lock to the front door.

You eagerly walked up the stairs.

*stairs creak*

And open up the door to your bedroom thinking finally, you get to cuddle the one you love.

*doors open*

And there was the heinous, most appalling sight a scene can be. The urge to regurgitate what you have just eaten at dinner is so strong you could feel the bits and pieces of the steak at your throat. Your eyes stinging with hot burning salty tears that haven't been well-used since the passing of your parents.

There it was.

 Your loved one lying on the bed drenched in a pool of blood, lifeless. She/he was slashed at the neck, right where the main blood capillary was, and you could see that the blood gushed out (when the murderer used that butcher knife mercilessly) stained the entire corner of the murder scene. And on top of it, these words written in blood. Your husband/wife's blood. It says, "Welcome back. You were late".

Adrenaline rushed up to your brain. You just realized, some sick masochistic psycho killer just murdered your loved one.

What do you do?

You know really, I am conflicted. On instinct, I would be more than glad to hunt down this murderer and have him tortured at my own hands before I decide to finish him off.

On the other hand, I ought to move on and let justice take actions on him. Currently, I am still conflicted to what I would do. In spite of that, I do believe that  when this tragedy really happens on me, God knows what I would do at that particular point in time. So really. I do not know.

What about you readers?



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