The things that make me miss home so badly

a) My really really really REALLY SO BLOODY CUTE MOTHER!

b) My GORGEOUS parents. DADDY MOMMY. (obviously the man and woman on the right) I miss my cousie and aunty too!

You know, thats pretty much about it. Its just my parents. Not even the food! I know right!!

I wish I possess the power to actually be able to transport my parents right beside me when I snap my fingers!

Its really so weird and confusing at times, when all I do is complaining about how my mom nags me all the bloody darn time (she still nags me too much on SKYPE!) yet, I actually miss her right beside me. This feel that I have for my parents, gets me thinking that, I may be so-called an adult right now, but really, I am always a child in their eyes. And I am beyond the valley of attached to them.

So here I am admitting I am a ruddy kid. And I want my daddy and mommy. :( *sniffs sniffs


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