I have no idea what's gotten into me or the guys for that matter. I believe, things are happening so fast and like omg-wtf-just-happened, I wish I could pause the time and just sit and rewind it to get a better understanding of whats happening!

Honestly, idk what the fuck am I going  to do with them guys or myself. I'm just so tired. I really really wish life was much simpler. Or lets narrow it down to relationship issues. I think that every living being on earth should have like a pre-destined partner; like in twilight. It's called 'Imprints'. No mind bloody games, just straight to the chasing part, then wahla. happily ever after. Simple, no?

Alas, that would just be a dream of mine that could never be fulfilled because damn, what imprints, people are ruddy cheating around their partner's back. so fuck that one-man one-woman thing.

Idk what this post is about because I am highly confused right now. about pretty much everything. esp male species. they just appear nowhere in your life. Scare the bloody SHIT outta you and in a blink of an eye, they're gone. This is getting really boring.

So guys, idk what you want. Heck, I dont even know what I want. but you can make my mind up for me, if you guys are more persistent about it. no joke!

so sod off, if you aren't persistent enough. or else I'll chase you around with a bar of steel.

(thats definitely a joke!)



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