Losing what you think its best for you

*papers flipping* You don't go out parties, you don't have that much of a fun, all you do is staying at home reading up so much (and most of em' dont even want to admit they studied that much. Blah) and acing all the subjects.

Really, this society has implanted the wrong notion we have in life. Students' life is not all about achieving smart grades. What does it make you if you're getting an a-okay grade then? That you are less smarter than the really smart ones? (Or perhaps, have you thought about the less smart ones just don't put in as much effort as they are but in fact, they have higher IQs than you do. Sniff that ass you creeps!)

Oh bummer! Like we need more of the nerds already. And this actually has taken a toll on me, it gets me so anxious to want to excel so freaking badly but at the same time, I strongly believe that this ain't what life is about. Goddamnit. The pressure being inserted in you like when you are so effing afraid of needles and the moment you see the sharp shit penetrating your skin. *pshhhhh

Life is about savoring every moment, and learning to embrace it by its own. Most absolutely not trying to compare with one another in terms of intelligence nor physical attraction. For crying out loud, Life's too short for all those crap.

So people, society, parents, nerds, stop comparing yourself with the others. And life has more meaning than to beat others at every aspect. Don't make me rebel. =p



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