Loneliness is crawling out of the dark hole

Really, life right now couldn't be any better! Some would call this deliriously happy but yes, I call this yay happy! =)

HOwever, seeing everyone being in a relationship walking hand-in-hand from classes to classes, during lunch time and not to mention, with the winter season coming up, I am sooooooo JEALOUS of not having another pair of warm hands to be fitting mine perfectly.

Perhaps. single for a year to me is like a BIG DEAL! seriously! Despite the busy schedule, at times, theres' still a pang in the heart. The loneliness screaming out, escaping my lungs but being withhold by my ego. I am not gonna admit i need the company! but that's plain contradictory statement. So oh well, why bother debating the fact?

Oh I don't know. Just hope the right one comes along. During christmas this year, I wouldn't be feeling all alone. With someone under the mistletoe with me. Rubbing my nose when its freezing cold. And just cuddling me to sleep.

signing off,

lonely me



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