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lol. Joking! Its getting colder each day! I'm worried I won't be able to stand the cold! gah! I have got to get myself more winter clothings! and a pair of boots + running shoes! I have been shivering and stuttering too much!

Anyway, I know I've mentioned this on facebook but I just have to share this here! Its too astoundingly hilarious! My really cute daddy spoke to me on skype, and I was complaining to him about the temperature here and he actually said these words; " Good for you! We only have positive temperature here!" I laughed so loud I cried ! Honestly, its so funny how my dad tried to describe the heat over there and tryna make a comparison between here and there. This is absolutely why I love him!

Anyway, I'm bushwhacked! Will see ya guys later in my next post!

Nappy time!



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