U heart me, I heart U but lets not make this work

Catchy Title I suppose?!

Okay, what I really meant to say with those words are:

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. And girl falls in love with the boy. But fate is so twisted the boy got an offer to go overseas.

Boy decides to date the girl temporarily. At least until he leaves. (like it ain't complicated enough) Girl thinks, Why not? Not like I have anything better to do anyway. And besides, I do like this boy.

Boy and girl goes out. Great night of making love.

Next morning, boy tells girl, "Are you feeling more attached to me? Because really.. you shouldn't especially since I'll be leaving like real soon"

Girl denies being more attached. Boy insinuates that he has just gotten more attracted because he had never met such charismatic girl.


Okay, I am not pointing fingers at anyone, so don't get me wrong. That's just a scenario. It may or may not have happened to me. It shall be a secret. ;)

The thing is, as if LOVE itself is not complicated enough, both parties have to get their hands in this sticky situation and make it much more tangled.

See, the guy could have just said, "I like you. And I want you to be mine. I know LDR doesn't sound good but let's at least give it a try. At least if it doesn't work out, I know we did our best."


He could have just said, "Hey lady, I'm sorry. This is just not gonna work out, ya know. I mean, I am just not into the distance thingy. I need sex baby. So lets part our ways here and bid goodbye. Prolly after this one last night of love making?"

...... fine, maybe I added a tad too much details in the last option but hey, that's what most guys would want. ;)

So hello people, dont make things any more complicated than what they are because complicated sucks.





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