My lyrics

This is something personal that I've had it penned down like two weeks back. :)

When I look in your eyes
When i think of your smile
It made me cringe and
a tear slips off the corner of my eye
Floods of our memories 
came knocking at my door
hunting me down with the pain

its hard to admit, but
i still love you,
everything that you do
the things you say like I miss you baby
I wanna let you know 
but I can't get the words to go

I know I'm a fool
trying to act cool 
thinking I could forget you
when I know its not true
I still love you

 I know I should move on
because you are gone
forever there will be this scar
a prove that you'd been here
a prove that I have been loved

repeat chorus

So I'm gonna stand up
tell myself everything will be alright
I will fall in love again
with the right man this time
and never look back 


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