The mentalist

Please tell me you guys have actually watched this God-forsaken mind blowing series that is truly beyond any genius minds would create. It is a combination of House, Lie to me and NCIS but, better yet, it is not comparable to any of those series because this series is simply Incomparable.

*I must sidetrack here and give credits to the person who came up with the entire storyline because HE is the one truly deserve the appraisal for his creativity and mind-boggling puzzles. So Mr. Creator of The Mentalist along with the entire crew and casts of this series, here's a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE SPECIALLY FOR YOU GUYS! Gran Trabajo!*

(Well, I said House because the way those two men think is just extraordinary. They are a tad quirky but mind that works in a way so brilliant they prolly used up their brains' capacity much more compared to any homosapiens).

As I was saying, Patrick Jane may not be Chace Crawford or Chris Evans but the aura and exquisite personality emitted by him is great enough to catch me ogling over him. The way his twisted mind thinks to come up with solutions, not to mention a tremendous meticulousness of observation he has for every single details is just sexy.

I know, I just made a manipulator sound like a Sex God. My Sex God. But hey, one thing you know bout me, I fancy very intelligent men. :P

And the rest of the casts,

Van Pelt & Rigsby

Lisbon and Jane

Lisbon, her gorgeous self

Now, chop chop, go watch The Mentalist and be swept off your feet by his charms.



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