The impossible decision

*sniff sniff*

Tears could finally find its' strength to climb out the corner of my eyes and flow down freely as it wets my cheeks. I have been tear-free for a long while now. at least a couple of months after my previous break up.

but this story is a must-cry!

By this story, I am referring to season 7 episode 2 of House.

Here's a quick snapshot of that series,

A family with two kids. A boy and a girl. That fellow young lad has got serious respiratory problems which could only ends up being in the morgue. Now, his sister and himself share this really close bondage between one another. So in order to make up for all the activities her brother has been missing out, she's living his dream life. Skateboarding, and all.

She has been having trouble breathing and all but kept it to herself for approx a year. Then one day. Her heart stopped beating abruptly for a moment.

Now, she was lucky to have her lungs transplant. But, fate, as usual, plays it all notoriously, her body rejected the lung and damaged the healthy lungs. Obviously the Transplant Org, would not consider her position to receive another organ.

SO it all comes to two options to her parents.

a) You watch your daughter die.

b) You shorten the lifespan of your son's life and do a marrow transplant, giving half of his lungs to her. and save your daughter.

This had me thinking. Life gave them crappy options. but when you make a decision, dont make the crappier choice. So i quote Dr. House.

I thank God, from the bottom of my heart that I am so effing blessed with good health and an amazing parents. I count my blessings each night before I go to bed thinking how lucky I am that I am spared from all the miseries and grieves others are experiencing.

Readers, I urge that you guys be thankful for what you have right now. Love and live your life to the fullest.



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