blast from the past

I know i know, people tell me all the time that bringing up the past is just bollocks because it means you aren't able to put it down to rest on the things that have happened in the past. I do agree on that statement, but mind you, that particular statement only applies to certain scenarios. Say, stop bringing up the faults of one party. Thats just bloody irritating and it says, "come slap me because I am annoying".

In spite of that, some pasts could be of good valuable lessons. Here comes the part where I'll run into the picture and tell you a lil something of me from the past. :)

Back then (a couple of years), I used to be that girl where I couldn't stand to be single, and every tom, dick and harry that comes into the picture, I'll get em'. I know. Sickening, and a total wanker. Not anymore, though.

From those experiences, I learnt to pick and select the kind of guys I want. And after every time, there's a tremendous improvements in my pick of guys. *pats my own back*

So as I was trying to figure myself out, as in why had I committed such sin *coughs*. I realized it was because I got caught up in the you-ain't-hot-if-you-ain't-got-many-guys trend. Sad to admit it but its a fact . But I do thank the Lord for being able to resuscitate myself from that deadly shits I got myself into.

Now, I know, an individual itself must be confident. You do not allow anyone to take those confidence away from you. Walk with your personal strut, head held up high, (not because you're cocky) but because you know you are worth it, and be confident.

By the end of the day, who knows, guys all over might get so highly attracted to a girl that respects herself and filled with such positive vibe. :)


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