If there is a thing in life that I regret of, its the loss of my Best Freaking Buddy. She had been my all, my strength, my laughter, my study buddy, my partay bestie, my -everything-i-do-with-except-shitting/fucking/peeing/bathing. We were inseparable. We simply trusted each other so much so that we could take home either one's phone and be non-chalant about it.

We were never perfect. We are equally competitive, snobbish, cocky and crazy but thats what brought us together. There's this void in my right now, well, till now, since I've lost this bff of mine.

Don't ask me how it all started out because I haven't got the fucking faintest idea! We stopped talking to each other just one day and neither of us took the initiative to patch things back up because of our egos.

It sucks. Seriously. But its' been two years? Perhaps a year and a half but this feeling of loss, is irreplaceable.

If I could make it right, I would.

Oh, I don't know. When balls grow on me, I might just send her a msg on her fb, but knowing her too well, she ain't gonna respond to me. Blergh! I'm blapping.

If she does see this, dear ex Uni-mate, ex A-levels mate, ex Bestie, I'm sorry, and lets put the past way behind us and start anew.

Damn I sound so cheesy and gay. 


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