A cheating boyfriend. Part 1

Let me clear things up before some readers began thinking my 'bf' is cheating on me. I am single at the moment, I think. Oh yeah, it is complicated indeed but the point is, I ain't talking about mine.


 So, I'm curious, what do you do with a cheating partner anyway? Do you just forgive them and pray that they do not repeat this repulsive act or do be aggressive (you take a baseball bat and do a louisville slugger to his balls and shout "Fuck you for doing this to me after what I've done for you?") or the pathetic loser (bawling your eyeballs out pleading him to return to you/close an eye pretending that he never cheated on you) or last but not least the cool one (You stare him straight into his eyes telling him to bugger off because you don't want to be wasting any more time on a cheating freak like him. You are hot. You have lines and lines of guys waiting for you. So why waste on this pile of bile?) ?

Which one are you?

a) Forgiver

b) Aggressive-er

c) Pathetic-er

d) Cool-er

Okay, so I am a Forgiver. In my many relationships, I haven't exactly experienced a cheating bf but boy am I glad I haven't. And I don't wanna jinx myself so *touch wood* . Regardless, a scenario where I think my ex was playing words with other girls, (caught that red-handed. TWICE.) like wafak, I forgave him. I do not regret though because I am not perfect myself. So I listened to him, forgave him and things went on like normal.

Well, we did break up in the end but because of the distance, and we are friends. I often ask myself; Would I get back together with him if I had a chance to? No, I wouldn't. I just don't see myself with him anymore.

Guys and girls, listen up, this is just the first part of my story. I certainly do not wanna waste the entire good topic on one post, now do I? I assure you, the next post is even more interesting because thats' when you readers get to help me decide on a very important question that I'm about to throw to the floor. :)

Butterflies hugs and kisses.



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