Pretty girls. Overrated. OH NOOOO!

Oh NOOO! <--- clearly that shows Im a frigging girl, the overpopulation of pretty hawt girls is just HOLY MOLLY GEE-SUS CRANBERRY MILKSHAKE everywhere!

and the best thing, even not-so-pretty girls get to look uber pretty! Thanks to the ART OF BEYOND GODLIKE MAKE UP SKILLS.

So girls, all you need to look pretty is to hone your making up skills. LIke wadafak right?

If I am a boy, hell no I'd date someone who look so effing pretty but at home, I have to see a wowser-who-the-fuck-are-you? Like, I swear I did not bring you back!

Leave. *slams door*

Nasty but truth.

To say it nicely, girls, expose your inner self true beauty at times too. It is absolutely not wrong to want to look gorgeous but, doing it 24/7, darling, thats a bloody con job.

P/s: Theres' a popular saying in Russia that before a man gets married to a lady, it is advisable to take your bride-to-be to sauna because then, you'd get to see firsthand, your lady without any make up or clothes on.

Be amazed my sweet peas,

Now ASIANS babeh, I must thank chinaSMACK, post written by Tiexue
and his non-subtle tagline

"Not much to explain…without makeup, they’re either aunties or monsters, even possibly men"

Are you ready? *swoosh*

First one,

What a catch (referring to the Right, Looks left, *gasp* she's not too bad, but but...... )

Now this is just weird, I mean, it looks bogus, no?

But heck, if it's real thang, dude, or dudette, whoever that gave you a makeover, leave your contact on my blog. I would love to look like one of the olden days drama actress.

Alrighty, here comes my fav,

Whaddya say? Im too flabbergasted to continue. so bye. 



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