Phuket extravaganza

Sorry for the awfully long hiatus! I just got back from the most spectacular trip ever, Phuket. It is not as hectic as any trips I've ever made or is it boring like a bloody grub curling up on the soil. Its amazing, and I highly recommend it to everyone of you out there to at least go and experience the fun once.

But here's a tip for the males, not all females there are actually females. Watch out for their adam apple! ;) And honestly, there's too many escorts there that have already slept with dozens of men from various places! So yes, its gonna be helluva fun time for you males but at the same time, filthy.

Oh oh, and the food, glorious food. Lobsters (effing cheap), salad, soup, thais delicacies and many more yummy things to eat at reasonable prices. Go try it out for yourself. But it is wiser to walk around and hunt for the best place to dine in because they offer awfully lotsa varieties and bargaining is a MUST.

So here's some pictures for my lovely readers to check out. Happy checking em out ! <3

                                                      -the place where I stayed, Kata Hotel-

*on a side note, this entire place in Kata was rebuilt due to the devastating tsunami that hit Phuket a couple of years back. So its amazingly clean and new. If I am not wrong, I believe it costs about 1,400baht / night during peak season from Nov- May. (Approximately 140Rm/night)*

                                         my mom and i and the newly weds from south aussie. =)

                               As we wait for our boat to get us to James Bond island. Great sight.

                                         the lady-boy and myself <3

Too many pics to be posted and its consuming too much of my time while waiting for it to load so this is all lads. :) Hope you had fun browsing through my pics!

Viva la Phuket!


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