Appreciate and be Thankful.

Everyone is not so lucky to be born with a silver spoon but everyone regardless of the age, sex, race, belief, and religion is given a chance to live this life once.

It is therefore, utmost vital to learn the lessons while living this life. And appreciating it is one of the core of living. Especially if you are born normal. Appreciate and be grateful of what God has gifted you.

Do not spend your lives away doing unnecessary stuffs like desperately searching for a companion and pushing away your loved ones. Yes, partners in life is a must but don't do it to the extremities. Be reasonable. And don't complain and screw your parents for not giving you enough pocket money to date. That is plain absurd!

There are people out there suffering from diseases and their disabilities. Their tremendous pain, who could explain and feel what they truly are feeling? The amount of injections and pain killers they take a day just to go through the hour or maybe seconds.

Dont take for granted; the things you have in life. Say your grace to the food laid on the table, to your nagging parents, to your annoying siblings, to being able to wake up every morning and see the world.

Appreciate, and be thankful.  


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