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Burberry Fall 2012

 Burberry Fall 2012 | London Fashion Week
Christopher Bailey continued to focus on the label’s own brand of elegance with a showing of modern outerwear. Using a color palette of neutrals with accents of olive-green, amber, plum and teal; the Burberry woman stands out with the season’s strong silhouettes and detailing. Tailored coats paired with flared skirts and ruched bow belts bring a flirty edge to the structural shapes. Rich fabrics of silk, velvet, wool and lace juxtapose the balance between elegance and coolness for the upcoming autumn season.

You know how sometimes, subconsciously, I can be a biatch saying mean things because I don't like that particular someone or when I perceive that someone as a mean piece of shit and I think I have the right to condemn them? That attitude is really just a knock-off-bitch-here! I used to be worse, right now, I kinda realized that ain't a decent thing to do/say I try my very best to control my language and how I think.

As I get to know him, his true personalities and all really surprises me. For instances, generally speaking, guys whom are interested in girls would go all out to show/prove to the girl that they really do fancy her. They would do all sort of stuffs, drive 2 hours down just to see her, buy her gifts, be a completely sweet guy that would swirl a girl up in the air. AND I MEAN IT, they DO literally GO ALL OUT!

Without a doubt, he gets the girl because obviously, the girl thought, dang! I would not be so lucky to find a guy that treats me this nice.

So of course, I have been through this not once, not twice but thrice (or maybe more) I can't remember exactly. It is basically, impossible for a normal human being to actually keep up with that extreme NICENESS unless he is a big headed astronaut or an E.T. OH you know what I mean. Days passed by.. and eventually, you start questioning yourself if he's the same guy you first fell in love with because the sweetness starts slacking, taking a whole sombre-we-getting-comfy-so-I-don't-need-to-be-so-extremely-sweet-no-more. *ding ding*

But with this guy, I ain't lovey dovey kinda girl to be honest. I sometimes even doubt if I even am a girl because my characteristics totally contradict my physical appearance & gender. We meet once a week maybe twice. We barely text because we have so much to do. But when we meet, its like we have been together all these while, we treasure every second spent together. And he tries not to make fun of anyone (defo not typical sarcastic american) or does he bitch talk about other people. I really find that attractive. He's smart, talks about everything, doesn't judge, he explains stuffs to me patiently. He was abit distant at first, but as we hang out more and more, he gets nicer ! Its like the total opposite of being extremely nice ---> douche-I-can't-be-bothered.

So girls, what I want to say here is the guys may seem to be painting you a perfect picture of a future together, but keep in mind, that nothing lasts forever. Its always better to suffer a lil in the beginning and enjoy at the latter part in life. ;)